Digital Painting

Digital Painting And Artwork Is A Way Better And Very Easy

If one of your hobbies is painting but you don’t get enough time for it or don’t have the required materials and tools for it, then you can try digital painting. Digital painting is an emerging technique of painting that has made coloring and creating art very easy. You don’t need to buy different types of brushes, colors, canvas, stand, and more. What you need to buy is software only. Whether you have a computer or tablet or smartphone, there are digital painting applications available for each of them. You just need to install the application and start with your hobby.

what is digital paintingDigital painting is not that difficult, it is the same as you draw on canvas or paper. Instead you get several useful tools that you can use to make your painting even more wonderful. Unlike the traditional way of painting, you can undo or redo the changes, choose among millions of colors, adjust the size of the canvas according to the painting, make use of several additional tools to add more effects in your painting. Don’t just give wings to your creativity but rocket power to it with digital painting.

Make painting easier

It might get difficult for you to paint with a mouse on a computer. To make it easier, you can use the touch screen with a pen. This will give you the feel of the traditional way of painting. This is why doing it on tablets is a lot easier. There are also sketch pads available for digital painting, you can use it also. The sketch pad is highly pressure sensitive and you can also give minute details to the painting. The sketch pad also senses the intensity of pressure to vary dark and light strokes just the same as the traditional painting.

Mix pictures with paintings

With the software, you can also mix pictures with your artwork to enhance the beauty of both the picture and the painting. You can add several effects to the picture, adjust its contrast and brightness to adjust it with your painting. You can also paint over the picture with digital painting tools. You can edit almost any part of the picture with the help of different tools available in such software. There are several such examples available on the internet that you can refer to if you are not getting any idea of how to do it. Edit, create, paint, and have appreciation. If you are good at this you can also make handsome money.

Use digital picture frames

If you are painting digitally then, what’s wrong in displaying it digitally? There are several digital frames available that can display your work way better. These frames are like traditional photo frames and are available in different sizes and shapes which can also be hanged on the wall. They consume very little power and can store various pictures at the same time. You can change the pictures either with remote or a button on it or you can just set the timer for the slide show of your pictures. Memory cards with some internal storage can also be inserted in them. These frames can display high-resolution pictures with proper lighting. You also see pictures with clarity in bright lights and even in the pitch dark.


Web Design Web Maintenance

What Are The Parameters of Choosing A Web Hosting Service?

One critical decision that many online businesses have to take is to choose a web hosting service that they can depend upon. With a reliable web hosting provider, many companies do not have to face many problems, however with a poor web hosting service provider maintaining a website can be an absolute nightmare.

website designing and development companySelecting an excellent web hosting service provider could even mean spending a considerable amount of money. This could also depend upon the kind of platform the web hosting service is being provided on. In case if it is Windows then the costs involved could be slightly higher as compared to UNIX or Linux. However, it really depends upon what kind of features are you looking out for while hosting your website on the Internet along with certain other parameters as listed below:

Amount of web space

While you opt for web-hosting service one of the first things that usually comes up is how much space is the web hosting company providing. Be sure that you have adequate amount of space assigned as per your business and future requirements. It may so happen that you may want to expand your online business tomorrow and that would require considerable amount of space. You may also be planning of running rich graphics and video clips on your website, so it would be a great idea if you have adequate web space assigned.

FTP Access

While you choose a web hosting service provider ensure that it provides you proper FTP access. This is crucial as it provides the flexibility to delete and upload web pages on your website.

Degree of security, reliability and accessing speed

Web SecurityFeatures like security and speed are extremely important for the success of any online business. Whenever you choose web-hosting service ensure that the company takes care of these aspects. Web hosting done on operating systems like Linux are considered to be far secure and the overall reliability is reasonable. Slow download speed is most frustrating hence, if your website cannot be downloaded easily then online visitors would tend to move on to another website and discard yours altogether.

Pricing plans

Your business may be running on a fixed budget and you may not be able to spend much on web hosting. Linux web hosting provides a great solution in such circumstances. While choosing a service provider you should consider the pricing aspect as well. Always note that it is not necessarily true that the most expensive host service provider is the best. You can even get better returns with low costing web hosting services.



Social Security Disability on Fibromyalgia as a Result of Trauma

Fibromyalgia, What is it? What causes it? Why would a lawyer talk about Fibromyalgia?

A patient was involved in a relatively minor car crash which was the starting point for her ultimate diagnosis of fibromyalgia. As a result of her injuries and diagnosis of fibromyalgia, lawyers have learned a great deal about this condition.

Is fibromyalgia a disability?

fibromyalgia and disabilityHere are the few basic facts about fibromyalgia:

  • It is the most common chronic causes of pain, affecting over 6 million Americans.
  • It is caused by trauma,
  • and affects the nervous system,
  • and causes nerve and brain cells to become extra sensitive to pain.
  • This may lead to extra pain signals being generated by the nerves and sent to the brain.

Fibromyalgia affects sleep, sleep disruption may make the condition even worse. There is no blood test, X-ray or MRI to tell us if someone has fibromyalgia. The diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is made by the treating doctor, and they typically do a “tender Point” exam. You can file for disability for fibromyalgia is you are suffering these diagnoses.

The American College of Rheumatology says the criteria for fibromyalgia is:

  • History of chronic widespread pain for at least three months.
  • Patients must exhibit pain in at least 11 of 18 tender points.

What Causes Fibromyalgia?

  • Trauma
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Infection
  • And abnormalities of the nervous system

The patient developed fibromyalgia after being injured in a car crash. Many Fibromyalgia clients who suffer from this condition were perfectly healthy before being involved in a traumatic event. This trauma is enough to start fibromyalgia in some people.

The patient had a prior car accident, and recovered quite well from that. But many years later, when she was involved in a second crash, the doctors felt that she would be okay, and with normal treatment and care, she would recover. She had MRIs, X-Rays and blood testing but unfortunately, as time went by, she seemed to develop more and more pain. Now she cannot sleep like before. Small things started to bother her more. She was experiencing stress in many different ways that she could have easily handled before.

Depression set in, suicidal thoughts became common. Her medical bills are rising, close to 1 million dollars. She could not keep a job. Doing the simplest things would become very difficult. She would have some very good days. Days where she was very active and able to move around, lift, bend, carry things. Then there were other days when she was in constant pain and agony. She cannot function without the help of others. Finally, the doctors realized that she was suffering from fibromyalgia.

Then started her on a regimen of pain medication. Unfortunately, this has led to drug dependence, and constant taking of morphine type medications such as Oxycodone. She has been treated with methadone. They proscribe Prozac, Xanex and Cymbalta to help her. Sadly, the doctors don’t know what to do, or how to help her other than to make her as comfortable as possible.

Fibromyalgia is one of the most devastating disease processes caused by trauma.

fibromyalgia a disabilityThe bottom line is this, Fibromyalgia is one of the most devastating disease processes caused by trauma. The chronic pain, and the resulting treatment causes most all patients to be totally disabled, and it robs them of the simplest pleasures in life.

Why would a lawyer be so interested in fibromyalgia?

  • First, interest is very personal, having a relative suffer from this horrible life altering condition has forever changed some thoughts about fibromyalgia.
  • Secondly, the US Supreme Court addressed the scientific validity of Fibromyalgia.

The highest court in some states has said that Fibromyalgia is a real condition and that the treating doctors are fully able to explain the condition to a jury. The supreme court went on to cite a stack of medical literature and journal articles discussing fibromyalgia. There are tons of articles and scientific journals by the top experts in the medical field who agree that fibromyalgia is caused by trauma. But then here is the problem. In some states, evidence of scientific journals, and medical articles, and books and medical literature is not admissible in court. Why? Well, the evidence code, and the court system in some states decided several years ago that this type of evidence should stay out of the court rooms because the articles are “hearsay” in other words, unless you bring the author in to testify, you can’t just show the articles to the jury. So places like Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, and Journals such as Spine, Rheumatology and literally hundreds of other prestigious medical schools and journals, have all published their findings about traumatically caused fibromyalgia.

But at this date, those articles won’t be coming into evidence in any trials. This makes it especially difficult to prove these cases since the research on fibromyalgia is still in the early stages compared to other disease and injury conditions.

If you are looking fibromyalgia help, then contact a Social Security disability attorney near you.

Online Marketing Pay Per Click Search Engine Optimization

Will SEO or PPC Fire Up Your Business?

If you have a website or online store, driving people to your website is essential if you want to be a success. There are many ways to promote your site with search engine marketing techniques, with the two most popular being Search Engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Both of these methods are great tools to use but some will be of greater benefit to a website or store than others. It is important to weigh up the pros and cons of both tools before deciding which one is right for you. Many SEO agency offers pay per click management services that can be of great help in your business .

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

seo company san diegoUsing SEO is a great way to drive people to their website and many people undertake SEO without even thinking about it. This means utilizing the power of SEO can bring about great results when it is used properly.

There are many professional sites offering SEO tips and packages but these can be costly and not necessary for many sites. With a little knowledge, any website owner or blogger can control their own SEO campaign with no great difficulty.

The PRO’s of using SEO include:

  • Can be done for free
  • Can highlight any intensive knowledge you have on a subject
  • Can be assisted by external linking
  • You can take full control of the campaign

The CON’s of using SEO include:

  • Can take a considerable amount of time to rise up search engine rankings
  • No guarantee of transferring search results to clicks
  • May require content being bought, therefore costly

PPC – Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising PPC ManagementUsing PPC is a great way to create awareness of your website in the people you want to visit the site. Choosing relevant keyword and selecting the budget for each keyword means you are fully in control of how people find you and how much you pay for it.

This style of promotion ensures the people that are visiting the website are more likely to be interested in the products or services available on site. This is a great tactic for a website that believes they offer what targeted customers want.

The PRO’s of using PPC include:

  • Targeted keywords to ensure you are focused on the right people
  • Allows a budget to be made and stuck to
  • More likely to end in positive results because target market is being focused on
  • Drive visitors to a particular page on your site
  • Works very quickly

The CON’s of using PPC include:

  • Can be costly
  • No guarantee of turning clicks to sales
  • Other firms budgets may dwarf yours

Both of these methods offer advantages to a website looking to increase traffic on the site and a site has to decide which the best option for them is.


Online Marketing Pay Per Click

Choosing Your PPC Management Agency

Did you know a massive 95% of Google’s revenue came from its advertising platforms? So if you’re thinking of getting started in Google AdWords or you’ve got an AdWords account already, you need to make sure that you’re not wasting money giving Google free money and you’re getting a good return from your account.

Take a look at a few PPC management models so we can look at ways to improve your account further and get you a better return on it.

The first one here is an option.

It’s no management at all. Google has a system called Google AdWords Express where you can quickly set up a small campaign yourself. But it is literally just set and run, so there won’t be any management involved in this option, and you’re likely to pay more for lower quality traffic than you would if you had a well-managed, optimized account. So not recommended, but it is an option.

The second one here is in-house or self-managed.

pay per click management servicesIn-house, if you’re a medium or large company where you can allocate resources from an existing marketing department, for example, or if you want to hire somebody to do a Pay Per click management services specifically to manage your PPC account, then that’s an option, too. Self-managed if you’re a smaller business or a sole trader that’s done a bit of reading into Google AdWords management and wants to have a go yourself. The advantages of this obviously are less cost in terms of paying somebody to manage your account, and you can spend a lot of time on it if you’re a larger company as well. It’s good for a really large AdWords account.

However, when you’re using this option, you need to look out for a couple of things. The first one is to make sure that the person that you’re allocating to manage the account, or if you’re hiring somebody, has the relevant AdWords experience and ideally they are Google Partners qualified. This shows that they’ve understood the Google AdWords system, how to optimize an account, and are less likely to waste money, because the money you save through hiring somebody in-house could easily be lost through poor management of your account and wasting AdWords spend. Bear those factors in mind when you are hiring somebody in-house or if you’re allocating resources. It is a good option for medium and large businesses.

The third option here is fixed fee agency management.

This is quite a popular option. The benefits of this to a business is that you can easily plan your monthly outgoings because there’s going to be a fixed fee agreed, maybe through a contract or it may vary month to month. You know exactly what that management is going to cost you each month. So it’s good for accounting and keeping your outgoings to a minimum. The benefits of a fixed fee agency is you and the agency are both working towards the same goals. You want efficiency, so you want to pay as little as possible for the traffic and conversions that you’re getting. You also want to grow the account as well. With a fixed fee agency, there’s likely to be lots of transparency. You’re going to be sharing the same ideals, the same goals, and you’re going to be working towards a much better account because it improves the image of the agency managing it and it benefits your business as well.

The fourth one is performance based agency fees.

Google AdWordsThis is a good option if you wanted to use an agency but you want zero risk, you don’t want to pay anything upfront for that management. A performance based agency will only take their fees when they reach the agreed goals or any other performance based metric that you set them. It’s good if you only want to pay when you get a sale, for example. It’s beneficial in that way. However, there is quite a big thing to look out for with this. That agency may be targeting keywords, such as your brand name, which tend to convert a lot higher than they would for general keywords. So that makes their performance stats look a lot better, and obviously you’ll be paying for that brand traffic which you may have got organically already. They may not be focusing too much on expanding the account through targeting new keywords and growing the account to help grow your business as well. So look out for those issues with that one.

Then again with spend based, similar to performance, but the agency is only going to get paid when you accrue click costs through the AdWords system. This is good if you’re using AdWords to build your brand. You’ll only be paying the agency when they send traffic to your site. However, again, make sure that they’re targeting relevant keywords, because they could be choosing keywords that aren’t so relevant that are bringing in the traffic that you’re going to be paying them a fee for, but then when that traffic gets to your site, it may not be worthwhile.

In summary, in-house is good for medium and large businesses. If you’re a sole trader or a small business, you may want to have a go at managing it yourself. A fixed fee agency is good for most people looking to work towards the same goals, and they can plan their budgets in terms of who’s managing the account. Then performance based and spend based, ideal if you want zero risk and you want to use an agency, but you must make sure that you keep an eye on what they’re targeting and exactly where those goals and metrics are coming from.


Online Marketing Web Design

Expand Your Reach With Mobile Media Marketing

Mobile is here to stay

Mobile Media is now one of the most popular ways to browse the Internet. Although people have a PC or laptop at home, our lives are a lot busier than they used to be in the past. Now, many people have smart phones and tablets that they take everywhere with them. These devices are very handy, and keep people online at all times. As long as your website is capable of looking good on mobile devices, you are good to go, and you can start enjoying all the benefits of mobile media marketing. If you need do a website redesign contact a web design & development services expert.

website maintenance contractsBecause mobile media is such a new way to spread the word about you, many people haven’t started using it to their advantage yet. This is precisely why it is so important to seize the moment and be one of the first to share your website through mobile devices. Websites don’t look the same on a PC and on a mobile device, so you need to download the appropriate application and install it on your website before you are certain that everything is working properly. A website designer can help you build a website showcasing your product and services online.

Be aware of Mobile

Not every part of your website will be visible to your mobile audience. However, with the appropriate applications installed, you can choose which parts of your website show up on mobile devices and which ones remain hidden. Obviously, the most important thing that needs to be shown is your posts. They are the heart of your website and will gain the most attention. It doesn’t matter if your mobile visitors can see your sidebars, because if they like your website enough, they will give it a second glance on their PC when they get home. This is a very important step. If your visitors are coming back from their PCs, then they fall into the category of being quality visitors, and the ones that will most likely click on your ads and buy your products.

Don’t panic

PPC managementDo not expect a huge increase of traffic through mobile media, for the simple reason that not enough people are using it yet. Most mobile phones and tablets are still used to only access social websites and not for browsing the Internet. This will most definitely change in the future, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and make the most of it regardless. However, because so many people are using social media through their mobile devices, you could also make sure that your business is accessible to social websites as well. Open up an account of a couple of social websites and see how many visitors you can attract this way as well.

Looking good?

Every type of business can reap the benefits of mobile media, as long as you know which method of media is the best one for you and don’t miss the mark. If your business is related to photography, your website needs to visually look as good as possible, and allow visitors to browse through high-quality images of your work despite the smaller screen size.

Despite the fact that your website will be a smaller version of what it usually is, comments and social sharing should also be easily available.

What can be your biggest advantage?

The biggest advantage will be gained only if you give the same respect and attention back to the people who are giving it to you. If you want people to comment on your products, then you should also comment on other people’s products as well. People love it when their work is shared with others, and they will most certainly show gratitude to those who do it.

If you are uncertain how to start this process on your own, there are many professionals that offer help in this area of marketing. They are people who have been involved in the business for a very long time, and are familiar with the tips and tricks of mobile media.


Online Marketing

Can Google PPC Cause High Blood Pressure?

Google pay-per-click, also known as PPC, is a way of advertising online. Many organizations and businesses have been using Google PPC to promote their businesses successfully on their own or by the help  of pay per click management agency. However, over the years, it has become a difficult thing to handle.

Google can ban website is found using an ill-managed campaign

Google AdWordsThough Google PPC gets hold of instant traffic in just a matter of few minutes, especially when you have an Adwords account, many users complain that Google Pay-per-click can cause “high blood pressure” because of its complicated rules. Getting sponsored search results is pretty difficult, and Google has made it even more difficult now. According to its regulations, if any website is found using an ill-managed campaign, Google can ban them instantly. This really eats away the patience, and creates ample amount of worry for its users.

Though it is a good way of marketing it tends to get a bit technical and tough when you try to put all your promotional tactics in one hat. Google PPC is not that cost effective, as compared to SEO. Large companies can think of using it, but when it comes to smaller business owners, investing money is not a piece of cake. Thus, with Google pay-per-click, your website marketing budget can be a big shocker.

Another reason that can be worrisome is that your site may work with PPC for a short period of time, but will disappear soon, losing its name. So, it is pretty risky to invest in something that may not give results in the long run. Instead, if you try SEO, it will constitute a long-term relationship and will ensure the name for your website is built up over time.

Google PPC is not enough

san diego web designsWith Google PPC, you only get the ranking among search engines, which is not enough. As a business promoter, you need to gain good name and position among your clients, competitors, consumers, visitors, and also from potential prospects. Search engine rankings does not guarantee you better Public Relation building, and here is where it gets a bit tricky.

While using Google pay-per-click, all you focus on is to get people to click on your desired spaces. This can deviate you from content quality and better customer relationship building through the source of your website. So ultimately after some time, you will realize that it is causing you more loss than gain. Also, promotion seems much progressive when you get traffic at regular intervals, and your business tends to prosper.

Thus, it is more advisable that you use SEO or other tools as well for your marketing. Use Google PPC as part of your marketing strategy, but not your only one.