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Can Google PPC Cause High Blood Pressure?

Google pay-per-click, also known as PPC, is a way of advertising online. Many organizations and businesses have been using Google PPC to promote their businesses successfully on their own or by the help  of pay per click management agency. However, over the years, it has become a difficult thing to handle.

Google can ban website is found using an ill-managed campaign

Google AdWordsThough Google PPC gets hold of instant traffic in just a matter of few minutes, especially when you have an Adwords account, many users complain that Google Pay-per-click can cause “high blood pressure” because of its complicated rules. Getting sponsored search results is pretty difficult, and Google has made it even more difficult now. According to its regulations, if any website is found using an ill-managed campaign, Google can ban them instantly. This really eats away the patience, and creates ample amount of worry for its users.

Though it is a good way of marketing it tends to get a bit technical and tough when you try to put all your promotional tactics in one hat. Google PPC is not that cost effective, as compared to SEO. Large companies can think of using it, but when it comes to smaller business owners, investing money is not a piece of cake. Thus, with Google pay-per-click, your website marketing budget can be a big shocker.

Another reason that can be worrisome is that your site may work with PPC for a short period of time, but will disappear soon, losing its name. So, it is pretty risky to invest in something that may not give results in the long run. Instead, if you try SEO, it will constitute a long-term relationship and will ensure the name for your website is built up over time.

Google PPC is not enough

san diego web designsWith Google PPC, you only get the ranking among search engines, which is not enough. As a business promoter, you need to gain good name and position among your clients, competitors, consumers, visitors, and also from potential prospects. Search engine rankings does not guarantee you better Public Relation building, and here is where it gets a bit tricky.

While using Google pay-per-click, all you focus on is to get people to click on your desired spaces. This can deviate you from content quality and better customer relationship building through the source of your website. So ultimately after some time, you will realize that it is causing you more loss than gain. Also, promotion seems much progressive when you get traffic at regular intervals, and your business tends to prosper.

Thus, it is more advisable that you use SEO or other tools as well for your marketing. Use Google PPC as part of your marketing strategy, but not your only one.